Alejandra García

Serves as Analyst

Alejandra holds a B.S. in Actuarial Sciences from Universidad de las Américas-Puebla and has over 13 years of experience and a solid dominion of calculus, probability, statistics, financial math, optimization, risk analysis and actuarial calculus

In 2010 she joined Ainda Consultores as a Senior Cinsultant and as participated in various projects in the oil & gas sector that include financial and economic evaluations of projects, statistical analysis, report design, cost analysis and more

Prior to joining Ainda, Alejandra worked for the State of Puebla and oversaw the Department of Statistics within the Finance Ministry where she coordinated the creation of various statistical products, reports, indexes and presentations for the Chief of Staff of the State’s Governor. She also served as internal auditor for the State of the State document.

She also did independent advisory on financial products, portfolio management, credit analysis among many more