ESG: Consultation Council for Green Finance Mexico (CCFV)

Ainda is the first CKD to join as member of the CCFV, whose goal is to promote sustainable finance as the engine of transformation that allows entering into a greener and more inclusive economy, increasing the financing flow for green and social instruments.


The initiative lies within the promotion of environmental markets made by Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV), including the following initiatives:

  • Launching the BMV Sustainability Index
  • Constitution of the Mexican Carbon Platform
  • Listing of green bonds
  • Declaration of investors in favor of green financing

These actions reveal a commitment to face the challenges imposed by the transition towards a less polluted economy that is less resource intensive and more resilient towards climate change.

Value offer

  1. To sensitize the finance sector on the urgent need to have a climate change strategy
  2. To strengthen market practices that allow convergence and a common language for sustainable finance (key definitions, taxonomies, standards and metrics)
  3. To promote market growth through cooperation between financial centers
  4. To stimulate financial innovations through cooperation and exchange of initiatives
  5. To create capabilities between financial system professionals through the circulation of training materials and tools, directed educations and experience exchange
  6. To establish a voice that represents the sector in developing a national agenda of sustainable finance
  7. To implement performance indicators and measurements on how the financial system contributes to climate goals and sustainable development objectives