Technical Committee

Fernando Gómez-Mont

  • Partner at Zinser, Esponda y Gómez-Mont
  • Former Minister for the Interior, Gobierno de México
  • President of the Justice Commission, Congreso de la Unión
  • Federal Deputy
  • Member of the National Executive Board and the Political Commission of Partido Acción Nacional
  • Founding Partner at ADP
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Escuela Libre de Derecho

Enrique Barón Crespo

  • President of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation and the European Foundation for the Information Society
  • President of the European Parliament
  • Minister of Transport, Tourism and Communications, Spain
  • Member of the City Council of Madrid
  • Order of the Aztec Eagle, Venera 
  • Ph.D. in Law, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from ICADE and ESSEC

Ginger Evans

  • CSO at CAG Holdings a Carlyle Company
  • CEO at Reach Airports Arlington Virginia
  • Director of Chicago O`Hare
  • VP at Parsons Corporation
  • Led design & construction of Denver International Airport
  • Aviation Director at Denver International Airport
  • B.Sc. and M.Sc in Civil Engineering, Colorado State University

Louis Ranger

  • Corporate Director at OAG
  • Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Vice Minister, Canada
  • Board Member of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Excellence Award for Public Service
  • B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Economics, Ottawa University and Montreal University

Raúl A. Livas

  • Partner at ST Energía
  • Corporate Planning Director at PEMEX
  • Director of Pemex Petroquímica
  • Head of the Energy Policy Unit, SENER
  • General Director at MXV Capital Ventures
  • National Economics Award
  • Ph.D. in Economics from MIT
  • B.Sc. in Economics from ITAM

Guillermo Guerrero Villalobos

  • CEO at DIRAC
  • Construction Under Director at Renovación Nacional
  • CEO at CFE and LyFC
  • Director at CONAGUA
  • National Civil Engineering Award
  • Civil Engineer from Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Louise K. Goeser

  • Board Member of Talen Enery Corporation, MSC Industrial Direct Co. and Seguros Monterrey NY Life
  • President and Executive Director at Siemens Mesoamérica
  • Quality Global Vice President at Ford Motor Co.
  • MBA, University of Pittsburgh
  • B.Sc. In Economics, Penn State

Governance bodies

AINDA’s Corporate Governance focuses on making responsible investments (ESG), and it contributes to analyzing and identifying risks and opportunities with high potential for growth.

Capital increase - PROEZA

Proeza carried out a capital increase in AINDA, thus strengthening its financial capabilities, strategic planning, and corporate governance, while at the same time complementing its capabilities for contract management, project financing and community work.

Proeza is an international conglomerate present in over 14 countries, owning leading companies in several industries that focus on long-term sustained growth. Grupo Proeza has experience in complex investments and is widely experienced in structuring and financing projects.  The following are some of the business units of Proeza: Metalsa, Citrofrut, Areya, Astrum, and Zanitas.

  • 22% capital increase of Aida’s shares
  • Management of relations with EPC contractors
  • Experience in project management and financing
Juan Carlos Zambrano Benítez, Member of the Board and Chairman of the Compensations Committee
Eduardo Barreda, Member of the Board and President of the Audit Committee
José Oliver Venegas Pineda, Member of the Technical Committee and of the Investment Committee

It takes part in appointing and removing the Chairman of the Board and the CEO

Talent development in the Partnership model

Because AINDA has as one of its major objectives to attract, develop and keep talent, it follows a “partnership” society model, that, unlike a patrimonial approach, allows for a dynamic leading team, with incentives all along the life-term of the CKD.

  • AINDA is constituted as a “Partnership” to attract and keep talent.
  • AINDA rewards contributions of its team members by offering the opportunity of acquiring shares issued by the society, which opens the way to permanent development of leadership.
  • Employees of AINDA create an individual development plan with their career objectives and growth expectations, together with the actions to reach them with help of the designated mentor. The development plan is reviewed each other under medium and long term points of view.
  • To keep the team’s incentives in alignment, each member of AINDA is evaluated each year on the following aspects:
      • Generation of revenue
      • Exhaustive investment process
      • Functions
      • Contributions
      • Leadership

Goldman Sachs strategic alliance

AINDA and Goldman Sachs & Co. Merchant Banking Division joined in a strategic alliance to identify opportunities and co-invest jointly in energy and infrastructure projects in Mexico. GSMBD has successful experience in managing over $150 billion dollars in private equity investments.

  • Confirms the intention to undertake joint potential investments in Mexico by establishing the mutual right of preference.
  • Seeks to capitalize on the combined experience and expertise of the parties by discussing industry tendencies and thus identifying, pursuing, evaluating and executing selected investments.
  • Allows for payment of sourcing fees if the project reaches significant progress.
  • Respects the fiduciary responsibilities of both parties.

The contract does not bind GSMBD or Ainda into associating with each other for concrete investment opportunities, and it is not granted that Ainda and GSMBD will make joint investments.