ESG in Ainda


ESG analysis at the prospect level and throughout the investment cycle * With the possibility of outsourcing to experts

Diversity and Inclusion Policy that recognizes the development of a diverse environment 

Constant training of staff at all levels

World-class independent members in all corporate governance bodies
Responsible Investment Policy aligned with UNPRI and GRESB, which is monitored by the various governing bodies

Placement contracts entered into in accordance with ILPA guidelines

One of the largest private companies in Mexico has capital in AINDA and they preside over audit and human resources

Evaluation and compensation of personnel aligned with objectives and results in ESG issues

Ainda has a professional team that dedicates part of its time to developing and implementing the ESG strategy in the investment process

Code of Conduct and Ethics aligned with the implementation of UNPRI

ESG in the Investment process

AINDA uses ESG processes that allow identifying and managing investments, aligned with best practices (ILPA and UNPRI) and supported by a proven systems platform.

  • Generation of new ideas and negotiation, development and signing of strategic alliances that allow obtaining strategic control and competitive advantages
  • Analysis and presence in government development plans
  • Development of the technical file of the project to determine whether or not it meets the basic eligibility criteria
  • Inclusion of social and environmental factors in the financial model
  • Qualitative analysis of environmental, social and corporate governance considerations
  • Compilation of background information from the partners or shareholders of the company or project
  • Formation of solid work teams
  • Incentive schemes for partners, investors and operators
  • Integration of a folder with closing information
  • Planning for adequate monitoring
  • Active participation in the governing bodies of the promoted companies
  • Preparation and monitoring of an ESG plan with defined objectives and metrics according to the type of investment
  • Improvement of processes and management systems
  • Relationship with regulatory authorities and local governments
  • Attempt to adhere to norms, standards, codes of conduct, or international standards
  • Review of environmental, social and corporate governance implications
Investment Process in the Prospectus

The Placement Prospectus was subject to an external assertion assessment by Deloitte, which verifies the veracity of the assertions. See Assertions Report >

Practices and Policies

Responsible Investment Policy

At AINDA we are committed to the implementation and promotion of responsible investment principles and processes aligned with the highest international standards, which is why we have a Responsible Investment Policy which was developed based on the analysis of material aspects relevant to AINDA and for your stakeholders. The policy is aligned with international reference frameworks such as: UNPRI, GRESB, TCFD and ODS. The Responsible Investment Policy was approved by our Board of Directors and serves to establish the general guidelines for the incorporation of ESG criteria in the Investment Process, from the generation of opportunities to the exit of investments.

Responsible Investment Policy

Code of conduct

Ainda is a firm committed to its investors, clients, shareholders, partners, promoted companies and employees. It maintains the highest standards of integrity, ethics, social responsibility and respect for the environment. Ainda is committed to developing business practices with international standards and created a code of conduct consistent with UNPRI.

All Ainda directors, officers and employees are subject to the Code of Conduct and Ethics, which includes the following ESG aspects:
a) Incorporate ESG implications in investment analysis and decision-making processes
b) Incorporate the implications of ESG in the assets of which Ainda is the administrator
c) Reveal the ESG implications of the promoted companies
d) Promote the implementation of the Principles within the industry
e) Work together with other investors to improve the effectiveness of the Principles
f) Report the activities and achievements associated with the implementation of the Principles

Code of Conduct

Diversity and inclusion policy

AINDA recognizes that the growth of the company is only possible in a diverse environment that allows it to develop its potential, through the recognition and development of the talent of the work team and the promotion of mutual benefit through creativity and innovation that result from the interplay of different experiences, perspectives, and cultures work together.


  • We promote work free from discrimination.
  • We seek an adequate work environment, of respect, where diversity is valued.
  • We respect and promote the right of people to achieve a balance in their lives, promoting joint responsibility between the work, family and personal life of our work team.
  • We permanently promote the principle of substantive equality among all individuals in the field of employment.
  • We ensure the non-existence of a wage gap, using a market study issued by a third party as a reference to determine remuneration.
  • We promote diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels and governing bodies.
  • We promote an inclusive work culture respecting the labor participation of vulnerable groups.
  • We recognize decent employment and access to institutional assets and resources, information, communication and opportunities in an equitable manner for all staff.


As part of the DEI Policy, Ainda decided to support the cause of ITAM Women for Equality (MIPi) to:

(i) Award academic scholarships to outstanding and talented female students.
(ii) Achieve equal participation of women leaders in ITAM.
(iii) Offer leadership programs to students that allow them to acquire and develop different skills to achieve a successful professional career.

Favorable Organizational Environment Policy

Ainda is committed to fostering a favorable organizational environment in its workplace through the development and implementation of a policy developed in accordance with applicable legislation and better international standards, promoting compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Measures that promote a Favorable Work Environment

Concepts subject to transparency and integrity rules

Commitments to the community, corporate governance and social and environmental impact

Annual Objectives Planning
Weekly Pipeline Meetings
Annual Program of Activities to promote a favorable organizational environment
Transparency Line
Performance evaluation system
Promotion of a sense of belonging
– Individual development plan
– Partnership

Gifts and entertainment
Relationship with suppliers
Bribery and corruption
Money laundering
Use of confidential information
Fiduciary responsibility
Interest conflict
Accounting and processes
Privacy right

Social responsability
Altruistic events
Support to the community
Independent members in the governing bodies
Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI)
Sustainable development policies (UN)
Environmental and social impact studies
Protection and correct use of assets

Performance evaluation and partnership

One of the main objectives of AINDA is to be able to attract, develop and retain talent, for this it follows a “partnership” model of society, which, unlike a patrimonial approach, allows having a dynamic leadership team encouraged throughout life of the CKD.

  • AINDA is constituted as a “Partnership” to attract and retain talent.
  • AINDA rewards the contributions of team members through the possibility of acquiring shares issued by the company, which enables permanent leadership development.
  • AINDA employees draw up an individual development plan that contains their professional goals and growth expectations, as well as the actions to achieve it, with the support of the designated mentor. Said development plan is reviewed annually with a medium and long-term vision.
  • Each member of AINDA, in order to keep the team’s incentives aligned, is evaluated annually through:
– Income generation
– Investment process
– Functions
– Contributions
– Leadership
Partnership Model in the Prospectus

Materiality Analysis

The Materiality Study helps to prioritize ESG aspects according to the social and economic context of the company, that is, to the market, its activities, its services and relationships with other stakeholders. The Materiality Study was carried out based on the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI)

Materiality Study

ESG practices in the portfolio

In order to identify and implement actions that trigger an increase in the profitability of the project in the long term, AINDA’s investment process and strategy includes active participation in the administration and governing bodies of the invested assets. In this sense, at AINDA we have participated, together with our partners in the projects, in the incorporation of ESG aspects that have allowed adequate risk management, as well as an increase in their positive impact on the environment and in society.

ESG in the portfolio

Comparative evaluation

United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)

The Principles of Responsible Investment aim at the long-term sustainability and stability of investments. AINDA seeks to comply with the six Principles, which is why it became the first signatory in Mexico in January 2016

Strategy and Governance Module A+

UNPRI 2020 Qualification

Infrastructure Module A

Six Principles of Responsible Investment


Incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes


Be an advocate in incorporating ESG issues into our proprietary policies and practices


Seek transparent disclosure of ESG issues by the entities in which we invest


Promote the acceptance and application of the Principles in the investment sector.


Work together to improve our effectiveness in applying the Principles.


Report our activity and progress in the application of the Principles

Global Real Estate and Infrastructure Sustainability Benchmark

As of 2020, AINDA participates in the evaluation of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance practices carried out by GRESB, a world leader in information analysis and generation of ESG benchmarks for real assets with assets under evaluation for .5 Tn USD. Currently, Ainda is participating in the 2021 evaluation process.

In 2021 AINDA participated in the Responsible Investment Study carried out by GOVERNART, which aims to evaluate institutional investors in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Spain in the implementation of responsible investment practices. AINDA obtained the following recognitions:

1st place as a Lead Investor in Responsible Investment
1st place as a Lead Investor in Corporate Governance
2nd place as a Lead Investor in Sustainable Research

2021​ ​Winner in the Hispanic America Grand Prix Institution ALAS20 category

Promotion in the industry

Mexico Green Finance Advisory Council (CCFV)

Ainda is the first CKD to join the CCFV as a member, which aims to promote sustainable finance as a transformational engine that allows the transition to a greener and more inclusive economy, increasing the flow of financing from green and social instruments.


The initiative is part of the promotion of environmental markets of the Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV), which includes, among other initiatives:

  • The launch of the BMV Sustainability Index
  • The constitution of the Mexican Carbon Platform
  • The list of green bonds
  • Investor’s statement in favor of green financing

All these actions show the commitment to face the challenges imposed by the transition to a less polluted, less resource-intensive and resilient to climate change economy.

Value offer

  1. Raise awareness in the financial sector about the urgent need for a climate change strategy
  2. Strengthen market practices that allow convergence and a common language of sustainable finance (key definitions, taxonomies and standards, metrics)
  3. Promote market growth through cooperation between financial centers
  4. Stimulate financial innovation through collaboration and exchange of initiatives
  5. Capacity building among professionals of the financial system through the dissemination of training materials and tools, targeted education and exchange of experiences
  6. Establish a representative voice of the sector for development the national sustainable finance agenda
  7. Implement performance indicators and measures regarding the contribution of the financial system to climate goals and sustainable development goals

Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Starting in 2021, AINDA declared its support for the Working Group on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), joining more than 2,000 organizations to demonstrate its commitment to building a more resilient financial system and protecting itself against climate risk through disclosure of information

Press release supporting TCFD

Sustainability Committee

Ainda was invited to represent the Green Finance Advisory Council (CCFV) in the Sustainable Finance Committee, which is part of the Financial System Stability Council. Its function is to recommend and coordinate policies, actions or measures to promote financial stability, and the authorities that are part of it can implement these recommendations, within the scope of their competence. In addition, it seeks to promote the transition towards sustainable finance and the adoption of best international practices that contribute to the stability of the financial system.

ESG Amexcap Committee

Tessy Rivera, CFO at Ainda, was invited to participate in the Amexcap ESG Committee and working groups. This committee seeks to promote best practices regarding ESG issues among members and in the industry in general.


Sustainability Report

Through the annual publication of the Sustainability Progress Report and in the spirit of adhering to best transparency practices, AINDA makes known to the general public and particularly its stakeholders, the initiatives, activities, results and objectives related to the incorporation of ESG aspects in the investment process and in the operation of the company

Sustainability progress report 2020