Lisbeth Calixto Calderón

Serves as Administrative and Accounting Manager

Lisbeth is holds a degree in Public Accounting and a Masters Degree in Project Management, both from Universidad Panamericana. She has more than 12 years of experience in managing budgets, implementing internal control mechanisms and managing financial statements and financial projections.

Lisbeth’s experience has been oriented in the financial sector, specifically in investment funds within the energy sector. She worked for Balam Fund, which specializes in renewable energy where she developed internal control mechanisms focused on improving the fund’s management, optimized internal processes, supervised the implementation and evaluation of protocols and internal policies.

She also worked for RLH Properties, a real estate company, where she was responsible for the consolidation of financial statements and the presentation of regulatory reports to the Mexican Stock Market. The timely accounting and financial information was a key asset for to help the company to make decisions with regard to the allocation of its financial resources.

Lizbeth also worked for GBM where she conducted various analyses on cost control, analytic accounting with the purpose of optimizing company resources. She also implemented an internal control system in various areas to safeguard the company’s assets. Lisbeth joined AINDA Energía e Infraestructura in 2018.