Raúl Livas

Mr. Livas serves as an independent member of the Technical as well as the Investment Committees.

Mr. Livas holds B.S. in Economics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and Ph.D. also in Economics from MIT. Throughout his career, Mr. Livas has worked both in the public and private sectors.

Currently, he is a partner at ST Energea S.C., a consulting firm specialized in projects in the energy sector. In the public sector he was Chief of Advisors for the Energy Secretary (1995 – 1996), head of the Energy Policy Unit at the Energy Ministry (1996 – 1997), head the Pemex Petroquímica (1997 – 1998), Director of Corporate Planning at Pemex (1998 – 1999) and COO at Pemex (2006 – 2009).

In the private sector he was head research at Vector, a brokerage house (1999 – 2001), Partner at GEA (2001 – 2003), CEO of MXV Capital Ventures (2003 – 2006), head of business development at Intellego (2005 – 2006), CEO of OESIA Mexico (2010 – 2011)

Mr. Livas has also had an active academic career, teaching at ITAM courses such as International Trade, International Finance and Theory of Organization in Enconomics and Policy. Currently he teaches a course on economic growth. In 1990 he was recipient of the National Prize in Economics from Banamex for his undergraduate thesis and again in 1993 after research he had conducted

In 2018 he became a member of Ainda’s Technical and Investment Committees.