AINDA pursues investments with financial returns above market levels (risk/yield), by identifying and managing risks, and developing opportunities to increase the value of projects in the medium-term.

Execute actions that trigger increased returns in the medium/long-term

Optimize fee structures that apply to the project in order to maximize returns

Seek for projects with a wide margins that allow operative and commercial efficiencies

Improve and optimize the financial structure, to increase the value of projects and assets.

Meet the necessary conditions with the aim of creating platforms that, through financial markets, facilitates the exit of investments, either by placing debt, through a public offer, or by structuring a “Fibra E”.

Launch adjacent businesses that create synergies with the core project and increase generated value

Investments are to be made in activities that relate to planning, designing, constructing, developing, operating and preserving energy and/or infrastructure projects, as well as in adjacent businesses to the project. These projects must show competitive advantages, such as: (I) income flow either fully regulated or backed up by concessions, licenses, permits or agreements, and (ii) inelastic demand, considering the new conditions of the Mexican legal framework for energy and infrastructure projects.