AINDA brings together experience and expertise to ensure successful private equity investments in energy and infrastructure.

  • Private equity fund (CKD) listed in BMV on March, 2018.
  • Members of PRI since 2018 and currently rated as A+ and A
  • Pioneer in Mexico for GRESB evaluations and first CKD to join CCFV in Mexico
  • Institutional investors (Afores and government institutions)
  • Resources of $4,400 mp (A Series) + $8500 mp (B Series)
  • Structure aligned to generation of value for investors:
  • Optional B Series
  • Preferential yields matrix
  • Possibility of exiting investments through an E-Fiber
  • Mechanism to reduce administration fees
  • 22% capital increase in AINDA will allow it to strengthen financial capabilities and corporate governance

  • Robust organizational structure that allows for adequate analysis, structure, monitoring and design of optimal exits for potential investments, backed by with well-reputed companies in the industry.

  • Strategic alliance with Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division and agreements with several operators in the energy and infrastructure sectors

  • Society under “partnership” model versus a proprietary perspective, that allows an incentivized dynamic leading team all along the life of the CKD

  • Corporate governance formed by world-class independent members who have already been members of the Technical Committee of a CKD specialized in energy and infrastructure

  • We participate in 2 federal highway extensions
  • We are currently analyzing 2 transportation infrastructure projects, 1 hydraulic infrastructure project, 3 electric power sector projects, 4 midstream sector projects and 1 upstream sector project
  • Professional team with joint experience in private equity funds, and with knowledge of investment opportunities in energy and infrastructure, and the operation of successful companies and projects

Our Team

Oscar De Buen

Manuel Rodríguez

Tessy Rivera Cervera

Gabriel Cerdio

José P. Rinkenbach

Leonardo Rinkenbach

Andrés Castillo

Teresa Gallegos

Douglas Palm

Mariana Martínez

Diego Peralta

Mauricio Azoños

Alejandra García

Fernando Armella

Lisbeth Calixto

Imelsy Miranda

Alfonso Gutiérrez

Erika González

Cecilia Jasso

Claudia Ponce

Brenda Reyna

José Antonio Velázquez